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A Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda



Congress and Exhibition Center

  • Exposições

    The Conference Centre has vast functional spaces that are ideal for the development of different activities, such as: conferences, exhibitions, lectures and concerts.

  • Pedido de informações

    If you need any information please contact us.


Paper Money Museum

  • A coleção de papel moeda

    The paper money exhibition shows the history of paper money as part of Portuguese heritage and aims to preserve evidence of the country’s economic, social and cultural evolution.


Education Service

  • Financial Education

    The Museum of Paper Money aims to involve primary schools of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles in a project in which "territorialize" financial education.

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    Make reservations for your guided visit by the available form online.



Agenda Cultural


Eventos e outras actividades

<p>No Poupar Est&aacute; o Ganho 4.0</p><p>(Financia Educational Project for Schools)</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

No Poupar Está o Ganho 4.0

(Financia Educational Project for Schools)


<p>Eu e a Minha Reforma</p><p>(Financia Educational Project for Seniors)</p>

Eu e a Minha Reforma

(Financia Educational Project for Seniors)